A man who doesn’t want head????

Ok for real, what man doesn’t want head? Yes I am pretty good at it. This is my husband, we’ve barley had sex in months because i was pregnant… now I am not, but we have a 2 week old.

Women you know clearly i am not having sex but why can’t i just please my husband? We’re not supposed to deny each other. But yet he continues… This is not helping this bs postpartum either… I don’t even look like i just had a baby… but yet here I am.. feeling like crap…

God I don’t know what needs to happen, but you do… this is not going to work for me… so I am really asking for you to do whatever needs to be done… cause at this point I am just not happy with this man… I know that my happiness doesn’t come from him and I eed u to remind me of that. Hes not even horrible… I just seem to be liking him less and less each day. I don’t want to be going thru the motions… i want it to be real… for both of us. Lord i need guidance and for him to change something… hes not who i married lately… and this has been going on for months… how long does this need to last for?


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