How unhappy can one be?

And how blind is the other? I am unhappy but it doesn’t mean I will treat my spouse that way. My focus is on him and it needs to shift back onto God. I will be doing a modified Daniel fast starting on the 1st of May. New month new beginnings and I will be praying for him and us. We haven’t been to church in a few months due to a new baby, a sick baby, my mother passing away and work. But the 1st I get a brand new set schedule and I cannot wait to start!

I’m not even sure if I am unbappy or just feel unwanted at this point. I forgot how much having a baby can change you!

Tired, unattractive, attention shifts to the baby….

I am unhappy. He plays a role in it, but I cannot let someone else control my mood… don’t we do that all too often? I think we do. Somethings gotta give… and the only thing that really works for me… prayer… even when it doesn’t seem to work, it has a way of working. When there’s no one to talk to, I’ve got a lonely blog to write on… a place that no one knows exists. And all my thoughts just go out into the universe. But I really wish I had a person I could feel comfortable enough to open up to. Maybe one day.


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