Power of Prayer

I do believe that it only works when one is willing… my husband has a willing heart if only pretending at first. Or maybe more so going through the motions… when you obey God, even without that willing heart tho, things can change.

My husband was willing to do marriage counseling. Its really pre marriage, but we’re already married. Just to help.lay a foundation for us. And he is willing to build relationships with ppl from church as well… that is helping a TON!!!

But its all helping answering this one prayer i have for my husband. The only prayer. That his heart is after God and in turn becomes more like Jesus.

He is starting to fellowship with ither married Christian men… and i don’t mean the ones who just go to church on Sunday and say the right thing. I am speaking about the ones whose lives actually reflect Christ. Loving one another, making sacrifices, putting others first, being selfless.

There are truly some days that I feel hate towards the man i have chosen to love and spend my life with, and I have to be honest with God to take that from me. .. but lately I have not only chosen to love him, but I have begun to fall for him all over again.

When he makes me upset, and causes me to get in my feelings, I have to come to God in prayer first to look at myself and am I right to be angry? ( Jonah 4:9 …. doest thou well to be angry? …) Most of the time the answer is yes… then i have to look at what I, MYSELF, can actually do about it. I can’t change him. So then i want to hate him, so I cry out to the Lord and I pray for him.

One of the hardest things you can do, and most rewarding, is pray for someone you hate in your heart.

The more you pray and cry put HONESTLY to the Lord, the less heavy your heart feels.

The more God does in a way of answering your prayer.

Today I am just thankful that there is a glimer of hope for change. His heart is opening up to God, and spending time with Godly men. Planning on his own to spend time in the Word. Things that I never could have made happen. The love I have for this man is only because of God. Still plenty of room to grow, but so thankful that God has opened my eyes to see the glory of God thru my husband.


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