Women are an emotional mess!!!!

I am looking at the few blogs that I have written so far. Man, am I up and down! Yes I do believe my postpartum plays a role, but even still, that’s how God created us to be.

Today I love my husband! Lol!

Not everyday does he make it so easy. Those days I have to chose to love him. Playing my wifey  role with no complaints and with joy in my heart knowing that it is pleasing to God can be challenging. Knowing I am not alone makes it easier.

I have learned some of us have petty husbands, block us from Facebook, unfollow you on other social media sites, do and say things that hurt your feelings, and for what? Because they’re petty! Others have ditzy ones who don’t realize their laziness, and lack of compliments hurts your feelings. You have the uninterested ones as well, that only care about sports and beer, not you. That’s just funny to me because I hear all the jokes about women not wanting sex after marriage, but I hear from all these women about the husband not giving up the booty.

In 1Cor chapter 7 speaks on how your body isn’t your own and how you should not deny one another. Women, do not withhold from your HUSBAND! MEN GIVE YOUR WIFE THE D! A little public service announcement.

Just know that whatever struggle you are going through in your marriage, you are not alone! There are so many others going through what you are, and just giving up. Have you prayed for your husband today? Have you been doing wifey duties lately? Whatever that may be in your home. Have you been unpetty back? Have you even tried to give him some when you haven’t been getting any?

There are real problems that women deal with. Have you tried to talk about them? And have you listened to your spouse?

Pray for your spouse today. Be real with God about everything and what you want. If you sugar coat it with God, how will you ever get what you want?


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