God Gives Grace, How Much More Can We Give Than He?

At what point does our grace run out? If we are to be Christ-like, then at what point does our likeness run out? When is it okay to not be like him? Is it when someone doesn’t act enough like him, or when they make us angry enough… how about when they are what WE see as evil? Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. ALL sin, no sin is greater than the next, no level of evil, is more or less evil than the next. We just choose to put a level on in it on our world here on earth. Romans 3:23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; No one is perfect, not one of us. And that is why Jesus came here, All God and all man. A man broke the relationship with God and only a man could fix it, but man is too messed up to fix it, so only God could fix it, so how? Jesus. All of these deities, he isn’t half God and half man, he is the ONLY one that is ALL God and ALL man at the same time. He lived a sinless life. He understands compassion, that is why his anger is righteous, his love us selfless, he wants us to be with him, and learn from him, but he will not FORCE us to do so. Continue reading


Thy desire shall be to thy husband

Genesis 3:16 Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.

It was weird, the other day after I had posted “My husband, my lord” post, I was messing around with calling him lord again, and of course, Satan, wanted to mess around too. And out of nowhere, here he is (the husband) talking about I told you I would give you whatever you asked for in a divorce. I was like really? WOW!!! And this was all because I told him he couldn’t bowl on Fridays because it didn’t fit the family. He had to find another night.  Continue reading

My Husband, My Lord

1 Pet 3:Even as Sara obeyed Abraham, calling him lord: whose daughters ye are, as long as ye do well, and are not afraid with any amazement.

One of the hardest attacks I have had, was when I decided to call my husband Lord, after listening to a sermon, from one of my favorites, Tony Evans. I thought I would try it out. It was kind of recent, It was actually when I started up this blog again actually. The funny thing is, I thought he would be like, “don’t call me that”, but he wasn’t that way. I don’t think he minded it much, He was mean lol, and it was funny only because I could see the spiritual working already, and it was so fast. It was INSANE! I did write about it, so you already saw I think, how that worked out. But I was driving when I was listening to the sermon, so I didn’t get to read where she called him Lord, and now that I see the whole scripture, I just of course, just had to write about it!  Continue reading

Best Friends

Everything Most I write is mostly about my spouse, and praying for my husband, and what I am going through with him, or what I have been through. Today I am going to be praying for my besties. I was going to write this a while ago, and I held back only because my BF1 sent me a screenshot of a FB page and was like did you mean for people to see this? I was driving home, I did not mean for anyone to see it, and it lead her here. Fortunately, Facebook can tell you status updates, much like most websites, and let you know how many people saw what. Only one person went to go and look at the changes I made on that page, LOL, and that one person was her!

Unfortunately, I didn’t want her to know this side of me. Although a part of her already knew. We have known each other since we were basically, about 11, give or take, and we are about 33ish. so 20ish years. I sent her the handwritten version of my prayer request, which is very short for what I am praying for her and BF2. (Best Friend 1 and 2) Just in case you all can’t figure that out, I’m sure you can! LOL!

There are only 3 prayers written down,  Continue reading

Continuing to write, regardless of who reads.

I haven’t been on for a few days, and I have a very valid excuse! Or not, lol. Notice I said EXCUSE! Not reason, for all of my 15 followers! lol. My excuse was that my OTHER best friend was on the verge of finding out about my blog, and there is a possibility she has found it, as she found the Facebook page, and Instagram, and for now I have had to block her from it. I deactivated my FB page, and then I blocked her from IG because that is what has the actual link for this website is. The whole point is that I have to feel free to write and having strangers to write to, is the most freeing thing in the world for me right now.

My first best friend found out, and she responded as her heart hurts for me, that I don’t have anyone to talk to, and she understands why, but she is here for me. But the point is that, Who wants to talk to friends about infidelity? Regardless if it is past, present, or future? And regardless if it is something that is physical, emotional, or just that something in between, to take up time and space. The answer is, no one.

So with my other best-friend finding out about all of this.  After this is suppose to be totally anonymous, Jane Doe, BF1 encouraging me that I can help a lot of people, you can imagine,   Continue reading

Am I Petty or do I have his Permission?

This is short… maybe? lol

So I asked my husband if he listens to anymore Tony Evans? And he was like no, and I was like… OKAY???? and just sat there, he could tell I was kind of upset as I was just silent. I wasn’t going to start anything. I have been sending him some to listen to, only ones that can help him. He responded, and said, “I don’t see why I need to listen to any, I can hear them every morning when I try to sleep and you get ready for work.” As to my reply was something along the lines, “But the door’s shut, and I keep it down, you can hear when I am in the bathroom?” I am pretending as if I am in shock. Now I am not trying to wake him, or make him listen, lol I only listen to the next one in line, but he makes it very clear, it is only a door, he hears every word clear as day!

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Am I Being Specific Enough?

I Was talking to my small group teachers on Sunday, about what I am praying about. The basis about what I am praying about LOL. I am choosing not to go into detail this time with anyone because at the end of the day, I can say it is only God. What I mean is that, I do not want to seek counseling. Unless he was to come to me and say, I think I need help. Period. I am not pushing anything on him, that is not the way I am going. I am praying that a few things happen and I have already posted a lot of the verses in with my prayers in a previous blog When you pray in Gods will, How can he deny you?

Now God loves a specific prayer. He doesn’t want you to be too broad, he can answer that at any time, in anyway. It makes me think of the genies that are evil (not that God is LOL) but the ones that say I wish for a million dollars, boom you get a million dollars, next wish is, I wish for a home, that million dollars went on that home, and next is I wish for a wife, well we all know that you cannot make someone fall in love, so now she divorces you, and takes the house, and now you are broke, homeless, and wifeless. Or you can pray for rain, but you really want it to rain on your garden that is your back yard, well he lets it rain in your city but it misses your house. That’s probably a better illustration of God while the other is a better one of the Devil LOL.

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