Am I Being Specific Enough?

I Was talking to my small group teachers on Sunday, about what I am praying about. The basis about what I am praying about LOL. I am choosing not to go into detail this time with anyone because at the end of the day, I can say it is only God. What I mean is that, I do not want to seek counseling. Unless he was to come to me and say, I think I need help. Period. I am not pushing anything on him, that is not the way I am going. I am praying that a few things happen and I have already posted a lot of the verses in with my prayers in a previous blog When you pray in Gods will, How can he deny you?

Now God loves a specific prayer. He doesn’t want you to be too broad, he can answer that at any time, in anyway. It makes me think of the genies that are evil (not that God is LOL) but the ones that say I wish for a million dollars, boom you get a million dollars, next wish is, I wish for a home, that million dollars went on that home, and next is I wish for a wife, well we all know that you cannot make someone fall in love, so now she divorces you, and takes the house, and now you are broke, homeless, and wifeless. Or you can pray for rain, but you really want it to rain on your garden that is your back yard, well he lets it rain in your city but it misses your house. That’s probably a better illustration of God while the other is a better one of the Devil LOL.

So once again, I am praying that my husband, Love and puts God first. Matthew 22:37-40 In away nothing else matters, the reason I say that is because, if he can love God with all his heart, soul and mind, FIRST, and that being the first and great commandment, and you read down to verse 40, Jesus says,” On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets”. So, in loving God and Loving one another, then you would willfully want to do everything else. To include the rest of my prayers. But somehow, we are not built that way and since we are praying specifics, I go onto my 2nd prayer.

My 2nd prayer once again for my husband is for him to love my like Christ love the church so much he gave himself for it. This is that Ephesians 5 kind of man. Ephesians 5:21-33 And this entails so much. I know this will not happen overnight AT ALL! But if he can start dying to himself. Start butting me first. That could make a significant difference. If you notice I started it in verse 21 submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God, then wives to their OWN husbands AS UNTO THE LORD, I just want to point that out, that wives have limits, and you submit one to another in the fear of God. {This is side note. So, girlfriends, fiancé’s, you do not have these roles yet, these are the wife roles, and the husband roles, once he gives you his last name, that’s when this stuff applies. He doesn’t like it, well he can find some else, and he isn’t worthy, or he can upgrade you.} Submitting yourselves one to another, when could that possibly apply? well you have 1 Corinthians 7:2-6 how your body is not your own. Believe it or not, I am NOT the first woman who has had a husband who has turned down sex. If he is getting off a long day at work or whatever. It is his or her civil duty to give up that booty when married, unless you come to an agreement for prayer and fasting. Hey maybe the Dr. says you can’t and I hope that is something you BOTH can agree on especially if there is a baby on the way. But then I also hope you can agree on something else as well. Back to the track because I can easily get derailed LOL, the point is verse 21 is for both husband AND wife, and then it is going back and forth and the husband has A LOT to take on. He has to fully understand Christ, but I just need to see him die daily like Paul said, 1 Cor 15:31 sounding like a crazy man on the good that he doesn’t do, and the evil that he does, but doesn’t want to but how he does do what he does do Rom 7:19-25 He has to be mindful of it, with his mind he serves Christ, it is a mindful decision. That is what I am praying for of my husband to learn Christ, and lay down his life, his selfish desires, and love me like Christ loved the Church. Like I said there is SO much more to Ephesians chapter 5, but I am just asking for a start. So That brings me to my 3rd prayer for him.

I am praying that he gets back into discipleship. Once again, this verse comes up, but it is the end if the verse. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard, “Christianity is a manmade religion, … the word Christian isn’t even in the bible, …. Christian is a great consent, but it has no real meaning….” LIES!!! Therefore, it is so important for my husband to get back into discipleship. Honestly, this should be number 2, but for me it is number 3, but it must come before number 2. He cannot truly know what it means to love me like Christ loved the church without knowing Christ. But this is the order of my prayers. I am the one praying these things LOL. God can still show him how to die to himself, as he goes through learning to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. Now MAN may have perverted Christianity… and it sucks… yes… it sucks and I hate it because if you are one of those people who believe one of those 3 things I am sorry it was probably not even a Christian you have learned that from. See the bible does use the word Christian, it is used 3 times. 3, divine completeness and perfection. As I type that Its just awesome how He is a part of the trinity, and rose 3 days later, and all that, and just wow! But the first time it is mentioned is says EXACTLY what a Christian is. The end of Acts 11:26 …And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch. Oh and if you click on it, it also says they were in church, so yes to be a Christian, you would be in church. {Another side note, there are so many people praying on the hope of people today, I pray if you are reading this today, you find that GOOD BIBLE teaching church home, I know it is hard, but one easy thing to look out for, if the pastor reads one verse or no verse, get out, if the collection plate goes around 50 million times, get out, if he promises you for a small weekly charge of $19.99 today you will be healed, get out now} Back on praying for my hubby… The more he learns WHO Christ is, and the more time he spends with him, the more he can emulate him.

I do not know if it has calmed down more, or he sees it, or he is tired of me talking about it, LOL but I still pray he can see the spiritual. I know I see it. I always see it. Not that I see stuff flying around LOL like I am in a movie or nothing LOL, but I can see the attacks. I feel like a crazy person. But I see it with my Husband I see it with my 2 besties, and I am so frustrated that they don’t see it. I can tell when greatness is about to strike. Last week was hard. All he did was get mad at me one day and play words with friends with me the next… Wait… I was feeling like the crazy person??? Hold up… I take that back lol… never mind! But this week he has been pretty sweet and I am still praying for him. I know he is still a sinful man. I am not perfect either, but I am not praying for myself yet people! This is about HIM! 🙂

This was going to be the last one but there is one more after this, and these can go hand in hand. I want his heart on fire for the Lord. There have been times when there is this spark… and it’s like, I want you to imagine, this 10-year-old boy is learning to light a fire, and he had trouble with it, maybe he’s a boy scout, campfire, one of those groups, pick one, and he REALLY wants this fire badge. I don’t know, don’t care if it’s a thing, for the sake of this story, it is! He FINALLY like 3 months later gets this fire lit!! And it is on FIRE! He is sooooooo freaking happy! He is telling his scout leader, his fellow troops, abiding by the rules, and everything, because this little campfire boy scout finally got this fire badge and he is on FIRE about his FIRE! And here comes Lucy, and pours water on it… every single time. That’s what happens and he quits his campfire boy scouts, and he can’t light his fire again. So, I do not want that to happen again. at all please no Lord. Thank you.

And Finally, this goes with that, but he is so musically talented, and God has shown me all the places this man will go, if he just truly follows him. So, just GO! Follow him, and grow, take out your music stuff and do., that is all.

I know it was longer than most and sometimes that happens. I will be praying about me later I think, I will put me out there, more in detail.??? Maybe. But until then, I just ask these things In Jesus Name Amen!



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