Am I Petty or do I have his Permission?

This is short… maybe? lol

So I asked my husband if he listens to anymore Tony Evans? And he was like no, and I was like… OKAY???? and just sat there, he could tell I was kind of upset as I was just silent. I wasn’t going to start anything. I have been sending him some to listen to, only ones that can help him. He responded, and said, “I don’t see why I need to listen to any, I can hear them every morning when I try to sleep and you get ready for work.” As to my reply was something along the lines, “But the door’s shut, and I keep it down, you can hear when I am in the bathroom?” I am pretending as if I am in shock. Now I am not trying to wake him, or make him listen, lol I only listen to the next one in line, but he makes it very clear, it is only a door, he hears every word clear as day!

Well Ok then! I can just make sure I listen to the ones I want him to listen to in the mornings when I am getting ready lol, since he doesn’t need to listen when I send them, as he doesn’t see why because he can hear them clear as day… LOL now correct me if I am wrong but those were HIS words in response to why he hasn’t listened to any that I had sent him, lol. That means I can just play them again to ensure he is hearing the Word of God same as me, outside of Church. Maybe I am being a bit petty… but hey he said it.. not me!!! LOL, I will just have them turned up all the way, and maybe crack the door, he is also trying to get up about the time I leave anyway, So I am just helping him wake up some.

We talk about the word, we have a memory verse on the wall we are trying to memorize together, but this is different, he halfway gave his permission for this. That is what I am going with… And I no longer feel bad for him, if he wakes up. and it is only 3 days a week really.


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