Comfort in Friendships

I got a message from a friend I have had for over a decade today, and it made me feel better. I was feeling down, because it seems like, no matter what I do, it’s never good enough for my husband. I didn’t talk bad about him, I just told him well I’m not doing well because I think I will be divorced soon. I don’t feel everyone needs to know what is really going on. I do not wish to bad talk him, this is the father of my youngest daughter, and he is still my husband until he is not. From a biblical stand point on marriage. So my friend hits me up and asks how am I doing, and of course not well. This is a friend of mine that has lived in Florida forever, and I am in the Midwest somewhere, so we are not close at all. You do not have to be to be friends, but as I tell him that I am not doing well, he goes on to say somethings that are rather shocking to me. 

He tells me; “I started my own company and things have really been turning around for me lately. U were my inspiration at times. I have u to thank. I always wanted a woman like u and if it wasn’t for u being u I would not have worked so hard to be me.I released this the last time we spoke and u put me in my place many times letting me know what I was doing was wrong or right. Ur a trophy woman and only way I would be able to have a blessing like u would to better myself. I will not let u go thru this alone I am there for u I remember u helping me wen I was separating with my marriage and now I’m divorced from her and moved on. Thanks to u I’m happy and I want u to be also… u deserve a beautiful happy family and that’s what u guys are… Well u guys r beautiful I am praying for u, keep hope ok. Your wise hard working and you cook clean take care of ur kids you’re awesome…”  I went on to tell him how happy I am for him, finally having a woman who has his back, and she is there for him no matter what, loves and supports him, also saying I am not as great as he says, because I do not cook or clean daily, and I am tired after working 12 hrs. He tells me, “Yea I do thanks to your advice and I’m very happy with her she wants all the things I want she does so much to keep me happy… Oh he should pick up your slack rather than complain… Maybe u need a break and that’s y he is there ur backbone and u his… Smh love is blind. And he maybe got too comfortable. But u my dear don’t change who u r for no1 stay hard working loving caring person ok I have to go for now I am walking into a meeting here soon”

I did fix a few of the typos, and I left some of them LOL. It will be okay for all of you grammar folks out there! What this made me realize, is that it will be okay no matter what happens. All I have ever done, is speak God’s words to him when it comes to telling him if he is right or wrong, and maybe everyone doesn’t want to hear that, I mean he didn’t at the time, but little did I know, I was inspiring him to be better. You never know when you may be the only Jesus someone sees. I know I really don’t have any verses, but It just amazes me how much of a blessing you can be to people, and never really know.

If you are reading this, go be a blessing to someone, do something kind, at the end of the day be who God created you to be, and find comfort in who you are, and be thankful for those you have in your life. Even if it is  only one or 2 people you do not speak to often. The funny thing is, my 2 best friends have no idea what I am going through. I am not ready to tell them either. I stopped writing for a while, so I can only hope the one who found this blog, doesn’t remember to check on it either lol, I’m not ready for that!!!! Just keep being the best you, you can be.


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