Temptation sneaks up upon us like a Marine sneaking up the stream. You don’t realize it’s there, until shots are fired and it’s too late. Sometimes it is partially planned, but in reality, you think you can hold back. You know you can, but when it is in your face, you no longer can resist the feeling that is in your most inner parts.  Genesis 3 is a lot to swallow! It is the first time you see temptation, and you see how emotion and confusion allows for temptation to creep in. Also, how easy it is to twist the word of God. Whats crazy is, if she would have eaten the other tree, she would have had everlasting life (Genesis 3:22), knowing good and evil, AND living forever. If you see the history of mankind, that just doesn’t seem like a great mix, LOL.  I guess it seems you can only have one or the other. Which makes sense as to why Jesus had to die on the cross for our sins, and only he can separate, our flesh from our sins, and give us everlasting life.

The worst thing about temptation is that it rarely works in your favor once you give into it. You have the example in Genesis chapter 3, she gave in and ate of the fruit that gave her the knowledge of good and evil, and her and Adam got banished from Gods presence. Not only that, now we suffer when giving birth to children, and once a month LOL, this is not awesome at all!! I am still confused on why the woman gets all the pain, I mean she didn’t go check with her husband, but he didn’t do his job either in the first place, and she was deceived, and he did it willingly. I am sure I can read it a few more times and get the answer, or ask someone who knows already LOL.

It is one thing to be tempted, it is another thing to fall for temptation. I cannot count how many times I have resisted temptation, but it only takes one time to give in, and you lose what you thought you once had. It’s like you spend a lifetime to build your reputation and one mistake, that’s how people will remember or judge you by. On the other hand you can often wind up feeling empty, like a cup with no bottom, always seeking to be filled.

I could fill this up with verses, like I normally do… but for now, just thoughts of mine. I was going somewhere else with this, but then I got distracted LOL, and so here I am rambling on, wondering if I should give in, or resist… Knowing what I should do, also knowing what I want to do.


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