Romans 8:28

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. 

So often we do not look at the big picture. We fail to realize that ALL things mean ALL things; including of course the good, and the okay things, but also the bad. And after your righteous AND your misplaced anger dies down. You take a moment of peace. And you finally take that step back that someone has spent the past month trying to get you to take… that you understood from their point of view why it was needed, but u now see it from the WHOLE point of view, and you take a breather.

I think I am, and have been told I am one of those people who handle stress very well… until I don’t lol… I work very well under pressure, but I am like the board you are testing, you don’t know how much weight it can take until it breaks. That’s not good unless you are willing to fix it. But as soon as I break, I become brand new! So it’s good and bad! Lol. But when I break, I become so thankful I shine! And I shine so bright and it’s not fake at all. Romans 5:3-5 speaks about rejoicing in our sufferings… because tribulation works patience, patience, experience, and experience, hope. Hope is what makes us not ashamed for what we have in Christ.

At the end of it tho, I have to make a mend with anyone else that may have gotten broke with me in my stressfulness and for that I am so wrong. I am also thankful that I have to become humble enough to do so. I will not lie, it’s not easy. Especially when they really don’t want to speak to you at times because they do not understand you. I have dealt with anger as far back as I can remember. I have come so far with it. I know and understand if I am right to be angry or not, ways how to and how NOT to react when I am angry, but up until today… I only just now learned today, anger is a secondary emotion. There is ALWAYS another emotion before that one. I thought about it as I read that verse today, and I thought about the bad things… do you know how many things I know myself I made worse because I did not address my primary emotion before I did my anger? Doesn’t matter if I was right to be angry or not. I could have possibly avoided being angry. I do not think logically always when I am angry, I mean who does? Sometimes I do… well I can be calm and angry and then I do… I am calm and angry a lot actually, it’s weird but when I am not calm, I am not logical. Probably not?

The point is, the bad things are in Gods plan, they are so needed sometimes. You may not leave, you may not trust him, you may not take a much needed path otherwise. You may even take the wrong path because of it I do not know. But in that moment, rejoice and be thankful! God is so truly AMAZING! The good, the bad and the ugly… They are are so wonderfully and beautifully made. Love those moments in your life, accept them, rejoice in them!



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