Dreaming of Wasps

Funny how God can warn us of the future while we sleep.This experience has me reading Daniel 2:24-49. I don’t know how much I am getting into those verses, but I am reading them LOL. I didn’t have anyone to tell me what my dream meant, but I did have someone to tell me to look it up. I had a dream of a wasps nest in my basement, and the nest fell down and they were still coming out of the nest at the bottom of my stairs. My basement is finished, and they were just there, flying around some. I think I remember one on the ceiling too. I looked it up, and my dream happened to be a warning. In most cases, it is a symbol of evil, and misfortune that I am expecting in my future. So soon in my future, did I have misfortune losing one of my best friends, or feeling like I lost him anyway. They are also a sign of hatred, jealousy, and envy, and so I should be careful. So if someone has any kind of jealousy or envy towards you, and decides to send you a message, do not share that with anyone… because what will happen, is you will have the misfortune of losing someone close to you. Maybe…

The issue is, I was asking the questions about them. I cant use the word searched, but I looked, and I asked. But then I get questioned. I have this keen sense of reading people, and I can’t explain it. I have friends I have predicted their marriage to the point where, I knew they would be engaged 2 years in the spring, and married that following summer. I have friends where every single person they have dated, I can predict whether they were good or bad, up until they met the one they married. I know bad people, and I know good. I know she is no good, and here I am the one lost. It isn’t official, me losing my friend, but I know my friend. I know what he has been through, and I know where he stands. This is something I cannot predict, but something I am going off of based off of the dream. Once again, I do not have a Daniel LOL. I have been through this situation before. I guess I didn’t lose anyone, but it was only after, I was put on the back burner, and they saw the other person for what I saw, but didn’t really know. The problem is I come out like young Joseph when he tells his brothers His dream in Genesis 37 But it didn’t come true until Genesis 45 which was about 23 years that had passed. This is the story of my life. But by Genesis 45 He had become so great, it was worth it. Here I am, I am being so cryptic, and it makes no sense because no one will read this LOL. There really isn’t much more than what I am saying either, but nonetheless, I hate whenever my friendships take a ding, even if they do grow stronger in the future.

It is also hard to explain, because this is more so something I just KNOW, and can’t explain. It is not based off me having any feelings of jealousy or envy, although one would have you believe. I remember for years, my friend Man-man, who was an ex, swore I was jealous. He thought he had the one, I mean THE ONE, and I knew she wasn’t it. Made a bet, which he still owes me $500 for, by the way, she was not the one. After her, there was a girl I liked, but I knew they wouldn’t last, so of course, that meant I was hating, but I just KNEW, I never met them, I only knew what he told me, and what I saw from social media. Then he met his wife, I saw one look at her, and I KNEW he was going to marry her. He wasn’t even in love with her yet, barley started to date her, and all these years previously I was the one that got away, but that also had to mean, that I had to be a little jealous right? Not even. I just knew. Just like now, I just know, and maybe I knew today was going to come so I had this feeling to look, before hand. I cannot explain why or how I know things or do some of the things I do, but God. And maybe he wants things to happen because he knows us better than we know ourselves. Romans 8:27-37 he also says that all things work together for good for those that love the Lord, in vs 28. They say a wise man learns from another mans mistakes. I wish I could say I am done making my own but here I am still making them. But I think that my mistakes, may not be just that at this point. I mean, God has plans for us all. He needed me to take a step back, and funny thing is, this was how I do it. I cannot tell someone else how someone else is, they will have to see it, and if they cannot, what can I do? If they can take one thing from me, and say this is who you are from it, and we can no longer be friends, then, what can I do? I have to believe that he will learn the truth, just like everyone does. I am probably jumping the gun here. At this point.

I have never been like Daniel. But I have told the future on many occasions. Today I found an old notebook, I read through some verses, and some poetry, and a letter to my future self. This was dated 3.11.14. It reads: “Don’t get back with him. He got mad at you because he lied and you saw through it. he only became single so you have no “right” to be mad at whatever he does. While you remain loyal, he remains in betrayal only its “official” STAY AWAY!! if not you will marry him after he shows you change, then you will divorce because the change was only a facade and if you have kids past a miscarriage, he will be a good father – YOU KNOW THIS- YOU ALWAYS KNOW!!! DO NOT let your feelings get in your way whenever you get upset and call him out he doesn’t speak to you for days- DON’T GIVE IN! STAY STRONG! Its too late about falling in love with him – he will always play it out to not be the bad guy – you will lose yourself, it is not worth it – YOU ALWAYS CALL IT! NOT TO FUTURE SELF” This is where I stand in my life, and this is what I am good with. He is one of few that I sat there with on someone and asked him about someone, and as one of his ex’s would text me when I sat right next to me, he would tell me somehow I am texting myself. LOL…

I swear my life could be made into a movie with all of the “misfortune” I have come out of it. But at the end of the day, I wouldn’t change a thing. I am right where I want to be. I am so happy in my turmoil, as there is always a test in my testimony, and I do not think I am going to pass this time either LOL and that is why I keep getting the same dang on test, but one day, one day it will happen. If you can’t see me at my worst and still accept me, then how do you deserve me at my best? Which I am on point 90% of the time… Oh well… My life your entertainment.

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