When God says, “Be Still”

“Be still” is the same thing as “be patient”. It is not easy for someone like me who is a person of action, MOST of the time. When you pray and God keeps giving you Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God. That is patience, and trusting him. This is where you learn just how much you trust in him.

I haven’t let go of him, but I have let go of what I cannot control. I told God I want to move on, he is blocking that over and over again, I tell God I want to let go, he opens a small crack in the door to show that the door isn’t closed and tells me to be still. That means where I am right now, I cannot move from this place. I must find peace in this place I am in. That, that is starting to come along.

Being content in where you are, doesn’t mean you don’t want more, it means you are okay with where you are in life. The only thing that allows me to feel this way, is KNOWING, that God is working on something. I know the outcome is what is best for me. It doesn’t change the pain level. I guess this is a perfect picture of what Paul meant when he said we glory in tribulation. For everyone the tribulation may be different, but in the end, trusting in God is the same and learning to trust in him for all things, is something to rejoice about.

Since I have been praying without ceasing now, in conjunction with being still, God has given me Philippians 4:4-9. To hear Gods voice, in the midst of a storm, is probably the most peaceful things that could ever happen to you. This almost gives me chills because it is everything God is showing me right now. Letting my moderation, my patience be made known unto all men. That doesn’t mean me telling you, that means me actually living it out. Be careful, or be anxious for nothing, but bring all of your wants and needs before God in prayer and thanksgiving, letting it all be known to him. Yes he knows all of it, but ye have not because ye ask not. By doing this, the peace of God that passes all understanding will keep your hearts and your minds through Jesus Christ. Now I am not all there yet, LOL, but it is definitely helping a LOT! I am working on not being anxious, I am working on being okay with missing him, I am working on being okay without him. He is in my every thought, I do something, I wish I could tell him, I go somewhere, I wish he was there with me. This will go on for quite some time I know. I chose to not, not care, and because I chose to not hate him, I chose to make it much harder on me. I tried to hate him, I tried to say mean things to him, and God put me in my place and let me know, I need to only speak if I am edifying someone. I am thankful that him and God are both forgiving. The easy road is not often the right one. It’s just the easy one. That quickly, I focus on what things are true and honest, and I don’t mean facts because some of those facts are unsettling, I mean what has been shown to me that is good and true, what I know. The honest and true things that are just, and pure, and lovely, oh so lovely. Just that thought makes me smile. 🙂 Everything that is of Good report. What we was built on was of good report. What tore us apart, was not. There is virtue and there is so much praise for me to think on those things, rather than me being focused on the ONE bad thing. I had so much focus where it didn’t belong. None of that was of God, none of that was true.

Lastly, those things which I have learned. I want to give the side eye to God right there! LOL! It only took me forever to learn the same lesson he has been teaching me for years now! But whatever things I have received, heard, and seen him him, do. That simple. Be the CONSTANT living example of what he has done. I will allow my flesh to get in the way of so much that God has for me. I can’t keep allowing that to happen. But I need the God of peace to be with me, and give me peace and comfort. I literally have no one else to. God is enough.

As God loves me always and forever, I also love you, always and forever. I just wish I showed it better.


4 thoughts on “When God says, “Be Still”

  1. I am still praying he reads your journey here. I can see with the freedom you are writing that you do not want him to. But he needs to see your heart now following whatever words you said to him. Women will seem godly and that will turn men on and towards them as they seek him, but in the end, they will be destructive. You tried it and now you have a heart of reconciliation. Women get bitter not better. You are getting better sister!


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