Where Do I Go From Here?

The more I dwell in my pain, the more I pray, the more I pray, the more I spend time with God in his Word. I had to finish some old blogs in order to move on. Share some pain, in order really, just to make me feel better. I had to write through my pain to find my peace. Writing is my outlet. Now that that is out there, how do I heal?

Moving on is hard, but letting go is harder. Most people don’t really let go, they move on to someone else in order to get over the one they loved or had issues with, and that’t not good for anyone involved. You find someone who is really similar to what you had, only now, you get to start fresh. You stopped seeing the good in the one you were with and only focused on the bad, and now with the new person, they have the same good in them, that you had, only you don’t know the bad you have yet to accept or not. In the process, you have never really let go.

The first part is to grieve, and learn to live without them. During that whole process you cannot focus on what went wrong. Unless its something you know you did wrong, and then only focus on what you can do better. Next is really just look for the light at the end of the tunnel.

For me that light really showed up when God pointed me to Philippians 4:6-9. When you really believe in God’s promises. This is where you can really focus on what God has in store for you. You think on what is pure, true, honest, just, lovely, everything that is positive, if there be ANY praise, think on these things. Meditate over them, focus on them. It’s all about what is going right in your life, and not what is going wrong. This is not something that works every time, or a one stop shop verse to fix all the wrong, but it is a good place to start.

No matter the pain you are going through, no matter the hurt, eventually it will pass. The days will get brighter and you will be able to see again. But NOT, if you only focus on the bad.



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