I am Jane Doe, I am you. The woman who may have thought she was STUCK in a marriage, but now is happily and joyfully content married. God is enough. He is thy shield and thy exceedingly great reward. I look at my parents who were married 40 years, and they had hard times. A marriage isn’t always happy. Happy times are a reward. Struggles are real. It happens. I have had a lot of happy times, I just didn’t write about them all, and I didn’t blog about the 3.5 years before we got married. Satan decided once we got married, he wanted to make some moves on us and so off and on over the past year and half he as been doing so. This is my story and this is my outlet. That is all. I love my God and I love my husband, even on the days I don’t feel so in love with him. Divorce is not the answer, it is a last resort that I will not be the one making that decision, if it is made. I believe God is bigger, and God can change the hearts of man, and there is POWER IN PRAYER!


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